In late 2004, the SAFER Barrier Project was started with the sole intent of simply applying the SAFER barrier walls to the default tracks produced by Papyrus for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.

It has since evolved into something much greater and more involved. The Project has taken it one step (maybe even more) further. To add more accuracy, realism and as much immersion factor as possible.

As the moto states "Keeping It Real" is what it is all about here!!! There is no "second-best" or "close is good enough" to be found at this place. It's either go or go home...nothing less!!!

If seeking top quailty tracks for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus, you've come to the right place!!! The dedication of the fans in the sim community coiled with the experience by those actively involved is the soul of the Project. Like most great things, it cannot be done alone. The energy that exists is the fuel that keeps it going!!!

So, suit up, pull those belts tight, and hang on to the most intense experience you will encounter for this long-loved racing simulation!!!

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