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Looking back at the progress we have made thus far since our inception, can honestly say much has been accomplished!!! The original intent of the Project was to simply update and carry on the progress of the former Project Wildfire. This included applying the SAFER barrier to the walls of the default tracks built by Papyrus. It has obviously evolved into much more than that since then. From everything to updates to track livery, reconfigurations and repaves of tracks to simple Mipdates (updates to track MIP they've been come to be known). It has been nearly 14 years and some 34+ builds later and now comes to the point of when this ride will end.

A decision has been made and it comes with some regret to inform the members of the community that we will be closing the doors prior to the end of this year, 2017. This comes from taking into consideration the additional expenses that we would incur if were to continue on the same path of expansion that we would like to take with the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season simulation. Due to increasing costs and expenses required to continue providing the quality content expected by Premium Members and the overwhelming amount of changes to the tracks covered in the Project, we have come to the conclusion that the Project is no longer viable.

Furthermore, in judging by the overall thoughts and feelings of the community over the past year or so alone, it is felt that there simply isn't enough support to justify the continuation of the Project. It is also felt that it would not be fair to ourselves or the community to pass these additional expenses on to our loyal supporters.

As can be seen by our Project Master List, practically all of the original default Papyrus tracks, with exception to only a few, have been completed and/or rebuilt at least once and released publicly. As mentioned, this was the original intent of the Project. This is something that we hold as a huge accomplishment in our goals and we are very proud of it!!! The level of quality as well as the standard we have set is also something that we are very proud of!!! We cannot thank the community enough for the encouragement in our pursuance of reaching these goals!!!

With this decision, there will not be any further updated content released publicly from this point on!!! We understand that there has been content in the pipeline via the Track In Progress (TIPs) and other works such as track preview vids that have been anticipated, for this, we apologize for any inconvenience.

As for the availability of current SBP content via the website, these will remain active for the majority of 2017. This includes access to the Premium Content for our Premium Members. Beyond that, unless there is support from the community in the form of donations, the site will go in no longer host any content or files. Other resources, such as our How-To tutorials on the YouTube channel, will also remain active for our members to use at their leisure for reference.

For our Premium Members, be on the look out to receive communication from us in the form of an email with further details about your subscription.

We want to thank all those in the community that have supported us for so long. It has been a tremendous experience and we appreciate the enthusiasm!!!

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PLEASE READ!!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE 9 months 2 days ago #237

Thank's for all the work you guys have done, I wish you all the best :).
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Thank You!!! 9 months 16 hours ago #238

:cheer: Hey, I wish you the best. I'll never leave.
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